In total, GitHub is home to open source projects written in 316 unique programming languages. Here are the most popular by number of pull requests in the last twelve months.

15 most popular languages used on GitHub by opened Pull Request and percentage change from previous period

JavaScript 97%


Java 63%


Python 54%


Ruby 66%


PHP 43%


C++ 43%


CSS 36%


C# 88%


C 47%


Go 93%


Shell 76%


Objective C 37%


Scala 54%


Swift 262%


TypeScript 250%


Standouts include JavaScript, C#, and Go who have seen almost doubled growth. Swift and TypeScript are up and coming with 3.5x growth.

There was a lot of public activity on GitHub over the last 12 months. To give you the full picture, here are the totals and stories of active users, repositories, organizations, and active issues in public projects on GitHub. Active means there was some activity within the last year, e.g. code commited, a comment created, a repository starred, or an issue opened. The queries and data that power these open source metrics are available to everyone, thanks to our partnership with Google BigQuery.

Totals in public repositories from the last twelve months

Here are some of the most active Organizations and well-loved projects by the number of unique contributors (users who pushed code, opened or commented on an issue or PR), unique code reviewers (users who commented on the changed files), and most forks.

Earlier this year we released Reactions and it seems like you’ve given them an overwhelming 👍—1.26M to be exact.

Emoji reactions count in public repositories from the last twelve months







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With almost 80M total Pull Requests on GitHub, we know that 85% of all requests for change come from within organizations.

Pull Requests over time since 2010

  • in repositories owned by an organization
  • in repositories owned by a user

PRs released 2010

7.7M 2013

1.5M 2013

11.3M 2016

66.3M 2016

From chat applications to continuous integration services and project management tools, teams are integrating their favorite development tools with GitHub. Here are the top GitHub integrations that helped you and your team work better this past year.

Thank you for making the last year one to remember.

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